About the Tour

The Gun Show Loophole Tour is the name we gave our road trips, as we travel for Gun Websites 

Since the 1990s we have been traveling. And as we explore, we document and share our adventures across the USA

For over a decade we have been traveling to cover events, participate in factory tours, attend training classes or simply vacation all over the USA

In 2015 we started calling our adventures the Gun Show Loophole Tour

Reasons for the name

  • Gun Show – These are important. Gun Shows are more than just a place to find cheap ammo, or a used reloading press. Gun SHows are a place to meet up and network with other ‘gun people’ shooters and friends you might not see everyday, or online. It’s the only place a Gun Shop can do business outside of their location
  • Loophole – “The Gun Show Loophole” term is being used to describe private sales of property. The reasons for this attempt to ‘own the phrase’ might be numerous. but our intent is to keep a presence out on the web where “Gun Show Loophole” means something good and interesting.. So let them keep using the phrase, but if our tour gets large enough they will have to stop or they will be advertising for us, lol
  • Tour – Because we drive around to places

The Crew

The Dogs

Our Vehicles

Tour Sponsors & Supporters:

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