2018 Tour

2018 Gun Shows & Gun Shops across the USA

Our 2018 tour (so far)

SHOT Show 2018

  • Days of Adventure in Nevada with the Gun Channels Crew

California 2018

Headed to California on March 23rd we attended the “take away our rights” parade in Phoenix, then headed to Los Angeles and toured the area Gun Shops & Firearms Museums through March 30th

Met up with Angelina from Owl & Anchor, Mr Knives from Gun Channels & Hosh. They all signed the Old West Guns Poster for Gun Channels

Visited some museums with firearms & historic areas like the locations of note during the 1992 L.A. Riots, which illustrate a modern justification for the ownership of ‘dangerous looking’ rifles

Then we headed back to Tucson

  • 1,300 Miles
  • 2 States
  • 6 Days on the road
  • 5 Gun Shops
  • 3 Firearms Museums

Gun Shops

  • Hit or Misses
  • 2nd Amendment Sports, CA
  • Turners
  • CAP
  • LAX


Tulsa & Texas 2018

Between preparing Taxes and lack of funding we almost didn’t head to Tulsa for the Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Gun Show

  • 3,000 Miles
  • 4 States
  • 9 Days on the road
  • 4 Gun Shops
  • 3 Shooting Ranges
  • 2 Firearms Museums
  • World’s Largest Gun Show

Gun Shops

  • kings Gun Shop
  • Kings Pawn & Gold
  • Capitol Armory
  • The Range at Austin

Shooting Range

  • Tulsa Sheriff Shooting Range
  • Tulsa range
  • Shoot Smart – Ft Worth


2018 Gun Show Loophole Tour

Future Museums planned for this year:

2018 Tour Results

What’s the end result of all that time on the road looking at gun shops?

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